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   Meriden to Receive Electric Generating Plant
   House Recognizes Connecticut-Massachusetts Trail
   Winsted High School to Receive Solar Technology
   Focus the Nation Lectures are Spurring Environmental Action
   Septic System Overhaul Receives Financial Support
   Trail to be Constructed in Elmwood Area of West Hartford
   Seven Power Plants to be Built Throughout State
   Companies to Pay for Water Contamination
   New Campus to Incorporate Green Technology
   Alternative Energy Projects to Receive Funding
   Town’s Industrial Park Closer to Receiving Wind Power
   Active Oil Fined for Storing Contaminated Waste Oil
   Cornwall and Canaan to Receive Open Space
   Vernon School Oil Tanks Need Replacement
   Contract to Expire With Trash Plant
   Plainville to House New Biomass Power Plant
   Rates Cut by Connecticut Electric Supplier
   New Haven Supports Carbon Cap
   Wallingford to Invest in Energy Cooperative
   Protected Land to be Bought by State
   Land Needed for Wastewater Treatment
   Schools to Receive Energy- and Cost-Friendly Plants
   Norwich Looks to Clean Contaminated Plot
   Unwarranted Fines Levied Against Stamford
   Single-Stream Recycling Hits East Coast
   Hearing to be Held Regarding Wood-Burning Plant
   Board of Selectmen Approves Energy Conservation Committee
   Open Space Initiative to go to Referendum
   Fledgling Environmental Group Elects Officers
   EPA Recognizes Excellent Air Quality at Ridgefield Schools
   Clean River Project Receives Donations
   Redding Receives Community Development Award
   Green Room Project for i.Park
   Barrels Finally Removed From Contaminated Waterbury Site
   Building Standards Guide Energy Conservation Efforts
   New Legislation Sets Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap
   Reparations to be Paid for River Damage
   Coastal Trail to Receive State and Federal Funding
   Durham Residents Unfavorable to Proposed Grocery Store
   Glastonbury Bolsters its Eco-Friendly Dial-A-Ride Fleet
   Fairfield’s GE Energy sells $1 Billion in Wind Turbines
   United States Performs Poorly on Environmental Ranking
   Yale University Leader in Greenhouse Gas Reduction
   Green Cleaning Method to be Used in Milford Property
   New Eco Web site for Westport Residents
   Whole Foods to Discontinue Plastic Bags
   Bridgeport Power Plant Slated for Construction
   CECD to Conduct National Search for Brownfields Director
   What Was Won, What Was Lost
   State to Save Money and Increase Cleaner Greener Power
   Citizens Banks Announces Energy Efficiency Homeowner Loans
   National Law Firm Plans Eco-Friendly Office
   West Cornwell Store First in State to Retail Biodiesel
   One Fourth of U.S. Bird Species in Danger
   Direct Energy Launches Energy Contest
   Brothers Open Organic Restaurant
   Subway Takes Steps to Become More Eco-friendly
   Green Community Planned for Stamford
   Amenta/Emma Architects to Go Green
   Yale Opens Sustainable Café
   New Credentialing Organization Launched for Green Building Professionals
   How CT Legislators Vote on the Environment
What Was Won, What Was Lost

What was once the Kyoto Protocol is now the Bali Roadmap. The United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Bali, Indonesia last week with 10,000 people in attendance, representing 180 countries. What came out of it was a “new negotiating process” to be called the “Bali Roadmap.” The negotiating process is to be concluded by 2009, leading to an international agreement on climate change after 2012.

It has been 10 years since the United States rejected the Kyoto Protocol. The United States was under tremendous pressure on this go-round to stand with the international community on creating an action plan. In the end none of the allies who stood with the US two weeks ago—Canada, Australia, and Russia—were willing to defend the US stance and the US finally agreed to join the consensus. The result was the “Bali Roadmap.”

The Roadmap states that the negotiations slated to take place over the next two years must have a set end date (2009)—an interesting outcome demonstrating the intention of the world community to wait out the Bush administration.

What Was Won, What Was Lost
The agreement sets no hard limits on emissions, as sought by the European Union, and refused by the US. It breaks down the wall separating large and small economies, rich and poor nations, and “developing and developed” countries to a greater extent but allows for separate responsibilities. It also forced the hand of the Bush administration by pushing negotiations forward on two tracks: one for those countries, like the US, who are not committing to mandatory limits on emissions, and a second track building on the Kyoto Protocol. This keeps the Kyoto Protocol alive.


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By: Dyecreave on 30-11-2015 09:18

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