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   Meriden to Receive Electric Generating Plant
   House Recognizes Connecticut-Massachusetts Trail
   Winsted High School to Receive Solar Technology
   Focus the Nation Lectures are Spurring Environmental Action
   Septic System Overhaul Receives Financial Support
   Trail to be Constructed in Elmwood Area of West Hartford
   Seven Power Plants to be Built Throughout State
   Companies to Pay for Water Contamination
   New Campus to Incorporate Green Technology
   Alternative Energy Projects to Receive Funding
   Town’s Industrial Park Closer to Receiving Wind Power
   Active Oil Fined for Storing Contaminated Waste Oil
   Cornwall and Canaan to Receive Open Space
   Vernon School Oil Tanks Need Replacement
   Contract to Expire With Trash Plant
   Plainville to House New Biomass Power Plant
   Rates Cut by Connecticut Electric Supplier
   New Haven Supports Carbon Cap
   Wallingford to Invest in Energy Cooperative
   Protected Land to be Bought by State
   Land Needed for Wastewater Treatment
   Schools to Receive Energy- and Cost-Friendly Plants
   Norwich Looks to Clean Contaminated Plot
   Unwarranted Fines Levied Against Stamford
   Single-Stream Recycling Hits East Coast
   Hearing to be Held Regarding Wood-Burning Plant
   Board of Selectmen Approves Energy Conservation Committee
   Open Space Initiative to go to Referendum
   Fledgling Environmental Group Elects Officers
   EPA Recognizes Excellent Air Quality at Ridgefield Schools
   Clean River Project Receives Donations
   Redding Receives Community Development Award
   Green Room Project for i.Park
   Barrels Finally Removed From Contaminated Waterbury Site
   Building Standards Guide Energy Conservation Efforts
   New Legislation Sets Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap
   Reparations to be Paid for River Damage
   Coastal Trail to Receive State and Federal Funding
   Durham Residents Unfavorable to Proposed Grocery Store
   Glastonbury Bolsters its Eco-Friendly Dial-A-Ride Fleet
   Fairfield’s GE Energy sells $1 Billion in Wind Turbines
   United States Performs Poorly on Environmental Ranking
   Yale University Leader in Greenhouse Gas Reduction
   Green Cleaning Method to be Used in Milford Property
   New Eco Web site for Westport Residents
   Whole Foods to Discontinue Plastic Bags
   Bridgeport Power Plant Slated for Construction
   CECD to Conduct National Search for Brownfields Director
   What Was Won, What Was Lost
   State to Save Money and Increase Cleaner Greener Power
   Citizens Banks Announces Energy Efficiency Homeowner Loans
   National Law Firm Plans Eco-Friendly Office
   West Cornwell Store First in State to Retail Biodiesel
   One Fourth of U.S. Bird Species in Danger
   Direct Energy Launches Energy Contest
   Brothers Open Organic Restaurant
   Subway Takes Steps to Become More Eco-friendly
   Green Community Planned for Stamford
   Amenta/Emma Architects to Go Green
   Yale Opens Sustainable Café
   New Credentialing Organization Launched for Green Building Professionals
   How CT Legislators Vote on the Environment
Electric Baseboard Heaters

electric meter

Electric Baseboard Heaters: Pay Now and Pay Later

Electric baseboard heaters are fairly cheap to buy and install, but they keep costing you with their heavy use of energy. Although they convert nearly 100% of energy into heat, when you add in the cost of electricity generation and transmission losses, these heaters becomes expensive and inefficient.
Making the Best of the Ones you Have

You can't always make changes. You might be living in an apartment with baseboard heaters. Or you live in a house but can't afford to change your heating system. Or you're using baseboard heaters for an addition to your house because it's not practical to extend the existing heating system to supply heat to the new addition.

However, there are ways to help these heaters work more efficiently.

• Make sure the baseboard heater sits at least three-quarters of an inch above the floor or carpet. If your carpet is thick, cut away an area around the heater. The cooler air on the floor needs to be able to flow under and through the radiator fins so it can be heated.
• Move furniture or draperies away from heater so they don't trap the warm air or present a fire hazard.
• Vacuum the coils regularly. A coating of dust and dirt can reduce the amount of heat produced, increase the energy consumption, and shorten the heater's lifespan.
• Fit the unit tight to the wall to prevent the warm air from convecting behind the heater, rather than flowing upward.
• If your heater doesn't have a fan, place a small fan next to it to help circulate the warm air into the room. Or run a ceiling fan on low in reverse, so it pushes down some of the heat that's risen to the ceiling.
• If it doesn't have a programmable thermostat, buy a low-voltage one made especially for baseboard heaters.
• Use a single portable space heater pointed directly at you. While space heaters are energy hogs, they'll save you money if using them means you can turn down the baseboard heaters in other parts of your house.

Buying New
If you're in a position to buy new baseboards heaters, a little upfront investment will pay off in savings on energy bills down the road.

• Buy a good quality one that has a fan to help distribute the heat.
• Don't buy models with line-voltage thermostats built directly into the baseboard heater. They often don't sense the room temperature accurately.
• Get a more expensive model with a wall-mounted programmable thermostat so you can automatically lower the temperature when you're at work or asleep.
• Look for heaters that carry labels from Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) and the National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (NEMA).

Another Possibility
Consider replacing baseboard heaters with a heat pump. Although more expensive to install, you'll cut electricity costs by 50%. An exception is in dry climates such as the Southwest where there are so few heating days that the cost and energy used to heat is not significant.


"Electric Resistance Heating." US Department of Energy: A Consumer's Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Adria Vasil. Ecoholic: "How to junk flyers and squeeze more heard from baseboards." Now (Jan 321-Feb 6, 2008) p. 37.

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